Where They Raced: Speed Demons in the City of Angels

It is difficult to imagine a greater love affair than the one between Southern California and vintage automobiles, and few cities have played a greater role in that relationship than Los Angeles.  Thankfully, Director Harry Pallenberg, along with writer Harold Osmer, are sharing that love story with vintage car nuts like us…

WHERE THEY RACED: Speed Demons in the City of Angels tells the story of a pre-gridlocked Los Angeles… a time ripe with orange groves, movie stars and more auto racing and innovation than anywhere else in the world. Based on the book by Harold Osmer, this documentary film is told with hundreds of vintage photos, lost archival films and revealing interviews that reunite the ghost tracks of Los Angeles with the cars that raced on them to give these fading memories a victory lap.

A true labor of love, Harry Pallenberg made this documentary film “over the past few years worth of nights and weekends” with the hopes of bringing Harold Osmer’s story to vintage auto lovers everywhere, so that they may “understand the importance of preserving this history.”

Visit www.WhereTheyRaced.com  for more information – including: cast list, upcoming screenings, appearances, trailers, bonus clips and more.  A special thanks to Harry Pallenberg for providing us with more info!

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