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5am Huntington Beach Pier

Wheels & Waves – Mega-Run 7-17-16

So I’m nowhere near a morning person. My crazy friend Fireball gets up everyday at like 4am or something ridiculous like that, so for him the early start to Wheels & Waves is a breeze. Oh and it helps it is right close to his house. Ken from Wikd Kustoms and I are night owls and would rather see 4am on our way to bed not getting up for it. I will on occasion drag myself out of bed early to check out fantastic cars and the chance to cruise with the HB Car Club up to Wheels & Waves you know I was going to be there. The cruise up was great and Wheels & Waves(3rd Sunday of the Month at Gladstones on PCH) delivered again with a fantastic show, even larger than past events. Tony Dow was the special guest at the show. Tony was Wally on Leave to Beaver and he brought out his 1962 Corvair. Check out the story behind the car with my friend Fireball here.

A Wheels & Waves isn’t complete without a little something from the Fireball Tim VLOG.

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