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1951 Hirohata Merc

The Past Brings About Visions of the Future

The past always has an influence on what will be happening in the future. That is true for life as well as design. One of my favorite shows year in and year out is the Art Center Car Classic. There is always a great mix of cars that come out to the show. This years theme was Visions of the Future which brought out cars that were cutting edge or influential for their time as well as today.

Part of the fun at shows is to run into people or cars we have done stories on before. Like Paul who owns the 1950 Tatra T600.


We did a story about his 1941 Tatra T87. This was the first Tatra we were ever able to get up close and personal with and just fell in love with the fantastic designs of these cars.

Another Tatra at the show the silver T87. We chased that one down the 101 Freeway last year on the way home from Monterey Car Week.

1947 Tatra T87
1947 Tatra T87

Another fun car is the Enzmann 506 we found a couple years ago at the Greystone Concours d’Elegance. The owners are always a blast to talk to and it was great running into them.


And then there is one of the most curvy streamline cars the 1938 Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubonnet Xenia from the Mullin Automotive Museum. Definitely worth making the trip to Oxnard for.


We can’t leave you without a little more on Jay Leno’s crazy Toronado.

Stick around for more from this year’s Art Center Car Classic.

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