SS DSC 0176r
Plymouth Fury

Street Spot Fail: Triple Speed

A regular feature here on The Daily Driver Project is the “Street Spot.” We love seeing vintage cars as daily drivers, out on the streets where they belong. When we see a vintage car worth sharing, we’ll post it as a Street Spot. Sometimes it will be a beauty, sometimes it will be a beater, but then again – even the beater cars are beautiful to us!

Sometimes we catch street spots – but sometimes, we don’t quite make it.  Here’s what happens when we almost catch ’em.

While rolling down to San Diego on the 5 freeway, we spotted three fantastic vintage finds, all flying north. We were lucky enough to snap pics of them as we rolled south and didn’t much of it until we got home and checked them out. What looked like a good picture on the 2.5 inch screen on our camera ended up being a speed blur mess of a picture on our computer monitor. This is what we call a street spot fail. Spotting them is what we love to do, but sometimes they fly past us and we end up with pictures like these.  Oh well.  We sure do have fun trying!

Stick around for more vintage finds!