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Flat Black Pickup

Street Spot: Flat Black Beauty

A regular feature here on The Daily Driver Project is the “Street Spot.” We love seeing vintage cars as daily drivers, out on the streets where they belong. When we see a vintage car worth sharing, we’ll post it as a Street Spot. Sometimes it will be a beauty, sometimes it will be a beater, but then again – even the beater cars are beautiful to us!

We spotted this flat black tri-power Model A truck in Orange County. What a great way for a hot rod company to promote their company like this beauty does.


  1. Now days, there are a lot of ways to put a V8 in a Model ‘A’, but the classic ‘A’ V8, (or ‘T’ V8) was to put a 32′ Ford V8 cross member into an ‘A’ frame, then add a Flathead V8. As the 32′ V8 cross member became as rarely available as hen’s teeth, we had to fabricate our cross members. Today you can buy a new one from Vern Tardel, who wrote the book on ‘A’ V8’s.

    For years(and still do), I built 26′-27′ ‘T’s with ‘A’ V8 frame set-up, and later with custom cross members to handle whatever V8 i chose to drop in. All of these builds had one thing in common, a Three Deuce carb set-up, even if had had to build/cast the manifold myself.

    While the 32′ Ford is a classic Ford hotrod, the real Ford hotrods from the day, were ‘T’s, Whether it was dirt track/board track racing, land speed trials, or the much later drag racing, the 26′-27′(and earlier) Tee’s were the Ford model of choice for the go fast types. Few 32’s were built for competition, to rare and to expensive, and they weren’t exactly streamlined or light. The 32’ is a show car, magazine hotrod, and like the ‘A’, a lot more comfortable then a ‘T’. In all my years around hotrods, I never personally knew anyone, family, friend, or acquaintance, who owned a 32′. Tee’s, ‘A’s, 33’s, 34’s, etc, yes, but not one 32’ in sixty plus years..


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