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Chevrolet Bel Air

Street Spot: 2 Tone Bel Air

A regular feature here on The Daily Driver Project is the “Street Spot.” We love seeing vintage cars as daily drivers, out on the streets where they belong. When we see a vintage car worth sharing, we’ll post it as a Street Spot. Sometimes it will be a beauty, sometimes it will be a beater, but then again – even the beater cars are beautiful to us!

Now this is our kind of combo, red, white and chrome. We found this Bel Air hanging out on Main St. in Huntington Beach. The Airstream in the background just adds to this great find.



  1. Nice 54′ Bel Air.

    I found a nice low mileage, grandma car, a two-tone white and turquoise 54′ Bel Air for a friend back in about 1966 and talked him into putting in a 57′ J-2 Olds V-8 I had laying around my shop. Took me about two weeks of evenings to complete the project. Most of the time was spent converting the column 2-speed auto shift linkage to properly shift the Olds 4-speed Hydramatic/Jetaway, building the new drive line, and building the dual exhaust system with hidden dash controlled cut-outs.

    We were going for the sleeper look, so kept the stock hub caps and front wheels, but had Tacoma Wheel widen the stock rear wheels and 1-1/2″, the most we could go and still put on the fender skirts.

    In all, a pretty successful build except on hot Summer days. The overheating situation required me to install a larger radiator out of a 58′ Cadillac which also required a modification to the Radiator armature. The other issue was brakes, the eventual installation of 57′ Buick brakes help the whoa, considerably.

    I wonder where it is today? Last saw it at the Puyallup Good Guys show about 2010.

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