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What Race Car?

During our summer visit to Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historic races, we were certainly in attendance to soak up the retro race cars as they traced the track.  However, one of our favorite things to do while we’re there is tour the pit area.  It is always fascinating to see enthusiasts hoisting engines into cars, trading stories with pit neighbors, and answering the many questions of vintage automotive racing fans.

What we also find intriguing are the extra cars that are in the pits – they aren’t there to race, they aren’t there to show – quite frankly, they’re just there to serve as simple transport to, from, and around the grounds.  Yet what we’ve noticed over the years is that these extras put on quite an unintended show that’s worth checking out.

From sleek and elegant to classic and road-ready, this eclectic group provided an unexpected distraction in the pits!

There’s more vintage automotive goodness on the way – stay tuned!

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