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Wikd Kustom's 1957 Chevy

Poking Around Malibu in a Wikd ’57

So after Malibu Cars & Coffee we all piled into Ken of Wikd Kustoms ’57 Chevy to go check out Malibu. With Fireball as our tour guide, we were in for a treat and I’m not talking about the ice cream we stopped and got. The first part of the drive Ken’s girlfriend drove the car (her first time), which made for a lot of fun at Ken’s expense. After our first stop Ken took the wheel as we headed up into the canyons. Now taking a straight line car up into the canyons was an interesting way to go, but still a lot of fun. You could tell the car was not happy going around those corners.

You know when you spend the day with Fireball he is going to be vlogging.

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