MM 0944

Miss Mooneyes 2020

Something new for me. So last Saturday I was involved in a virtual pinup contest. I have been helping my friend Mitzi with pinup contests for the last couple of years and have of course covered them here on the site. I wouldn’t have told you I would ever do a virtual one but with everything going on in 2020, why not this too. My friend DeeDee Cupcake was Miss Mooneyes 2018. Her joke was she was the longest and the shortest Miss Mooneyes as her reign lasted 2 years due to different circumstances that happened with the Mooneyes Xmas Show getting canceled and then the Mooneyes Get Together getting canceled because of everything going on currently. So a virtual pinup contest it is.

Congratulations to Brettie Page for winning Miss Mooneyes 2020 and to Rockie Gold who came in 2nd and Milly Marie who placed 3rd.

MM 0944
2nd-Rockie Gold | Miss Mooneyes 2020-Brettie Page | 3rd – Milly Marie

Such a wonderful day of hangin’ with friends and making some new ones at the event. And of course it’s always cool to poke around Mooneyes place.

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