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Love, Italian-American Style: The 1940 “Sophia” Cadillac

While visiting the Petersen recently, we happened upon this stunning curvy Cadillac, aptly named after Italian siren Sophia Loren.


The “Sophia” took the hot rod and custom world by storm in 2013, making quite a splash at every event it attended.  No wonder the Petersen snatched it up for a months-long engagement in their streetscape!  Thankfully, they provide us with more details on this shimmering stunner…


“This Series 62 Cadillac Coupe custom made its debut at the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California where it won second place in the Early Custom class.


Created by famed customizer John D’Agostino, Sophia has also been the recipient of the Sam Barris Memorial Award, Joe Bailon d’Elegance Award, and the King of Kustoms Award at the Sacramento Autorama.


The Cadillac features a five-inch top chop, curved side windows, molded fenders and custom paint job in mint green pearl highlighted with candy emerald crushed diamonds.


It has a fully adjustable air ride lowering system and is powered by a high performance 500 cubic inch engine.”


Of one thing we’re certain – if Sophia knew this car was named after her, we’re sure she would approve!

Need more chopped customs?  Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  Stay tuned for our shop crash at Chopit Kustoms!

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