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Good Bones: 1938 Cadillac

They talk about old houses having good bones, and in specific cases, that applies to vintage cars, too.

Sometimes, you get lucky and run across a vintage car with incredible potential, like this 1938 Cadillac 75 Fleetwood.

This was a So Cal desert find.  It may have worn paint and broken windows, but everything is there…

which gives it an excellent foundation to build on and to bring it back to its previous glory.

There was little to no rust, and with a little TLC this and some hunting for missing parts, it will be a driver again soon.

Also hiding in the owner’s yard (and one of the other reasons we stopped) was this Willys Wagon with potential.

You can see some work has begun on the rear of this Caddy, and we can’t wait to see her cruising around town, no matter what condition she’s in!