FVCS 2560

Fountain Valley Car Show 2021

Saturday morning was the Fountain Valley Car Show and this year was awesome. Now I have been friends with Pete, the gentlemen that runs this wonderful show, for a while. Pete has always worked hard and succeeded at putting together an awesome show every year but he is getting up there in age and has decided to pass it on to my friend Ken. Ken is no stranger to putting on shows. He and I along with my buddy Fireball used to put on the monthly show Wheels & Waves. Now he is going to be running a big show in SoCal and I’m super proud of him. This year’s show was sold out, a first-time thing, 3 weeks before the actual show. There was a lawn full of cool automobiles, food trucks, celebrity guests and celebrity cars. There was a band, dj and a whole other field filled with classic trailers. Just a wonderful day and I look forward to what the future holds for this show.