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1958 Buick Limited Convertible

Long Live the Fashion-Aire Dynastar!

It is sooooooo sparkly! That’s right folks, today we are bringing you the 1958 Buick Limited Convertible, a car bathed in chrome accents from nose to tail. And what does the “Fashion-Aire Dynastar” name have to do with this fantastic piece of steel? It is the name (yes, really) of that crazy grille – all 160 squares of it. Yes, exactly 160 chrome squares make up that killer grille – no wonder it needs such a fancy name! That is a lot of flash in the grille alone, but that shine is spread throughout the rest of the car, too.

To add to the over the top gleam of all that chrome, there’s the FINtastic body design of the limited. One of our favorite design features is the integration of the lights into the bumper  – and what a bumper it is!

The 1958 Buick Limited was available in the convertible, 2-door coupe and the 4-door model, all with equal amounts of chrome and styling pizzaz.  To top it all off, this land yacht measures in at just over 18 feet long.  This is the type of car that defines the difference between getting somewhere and arriving in style.

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