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Ford Mustang

Fabulous Ford Mustangs

Fabulous Fords Forever is one of our favorite shows each year. It brings together a fantastic collection of Fords from every year, but today we are bringing you some classic Stangs.

From stock to modified the Mustang is an icon, but then there are the unexpected ones you come across at the show.

We first came across this highly modified corner carver, with its cantilever shocks and big meats and 427 Windsor to power it down the road.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this sleeper Mustang. From the outside it looks like the doors could fall off any minute, but a peek under the hood and it may actually blow the doors off.

Then the craziest one, a Ford Mustang Wagon. There are a few of these out there, built by individuals and companies both and it was wonderful to see one up close and personal. The execution and detail made it look like a factory option or a prototype built at the time.

There is more to come from Fabulous Fords Forever, so don’t change lanes.

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