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Cool Hauler: 1946 Chevy COE & 1958 Isetta 300

As I was leaving the Art Center Car Classic on Sunday one of the vehicles from the show rolled up. It was Greg Hahs in his 1946 Chevy COE. It is hard to miss this beauty, heck you can hear it coming before you ever see it. Now I have seen this truck at a few shows this year and it’s always fun to look for something I may have missed the last time I had seen it. Greg hopped out of his truck and started to pull a trailer over to hook-up to the truck. Not what I was expecting, but I helped him roll it over to get hooked up. What shows up next was fantastic. It was Greg’s Lakers tribute 1958 Isetta 300 which I first saw a couple of years ago at a show. As you can tell Greg’s taste in cars is wide spread and fantastic.

Cool Cruise 2016

Belmont Shore Car Show 2016


Art Center Car Classic 2016

Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance 2014


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