TP 9327

Car People Helping Car People

Last week Fireball called me for some help. One of our friends had lost his garage and guest house to the Woolsey Fire in Malibu. So on Saturday after checking out Donut Derelicts I headed up to Malibu to join a group of friends to help out Thom Panunzio (Checkout Fireball’s Interview with him here). Thom has spent 40 plus years as a music producer and a lot of his memorabilia and classic cars were located in the garage along with his gold records and years of memories. It was sad to view the devastation that the fire had done as we drove to Thom’s house but you could also see the rebuilding had begun and hope was still there. With all of the fires in California, you have heard about the tragedy as well as the hope and heroics from the firefighters as well as individuals. I was glad to help out a friend. For us to come together and help where you can. One thing about Thom, things may have been lost but he is still here and will keep moving forward.