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Car Crash: Sunshine on Wheels – Brent’s 1946 Chevy Truck

A feature here at the Daily Driver is the Car Crash.  Breathe easy – no actual cars were harmed in the making of this crash.  That would be a crime, and a cryin’ shame.  Our Car Crash is much more fun – in a “crash a party” kind of a way.  If you’ve ever seen a vintage car and wanted to see the interior or wondered about its restoration process, then the Car Crash is just the post for you.  Join us as we explore the details of a gorgeous vehicle…

I know what you’re about to say… this truck looks familiar – and you’re right.  From a street spot to a car crash, we first found Brent Hensley’s yellow masterpiece in the parking lot of the Grand National Roadster Show.  Recently, we caught up with him and took a deeper look at his 1946 Chevy Truck at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals.

One of our favorite features of this truck is the painted bumpers and grille, a simple touch that makes a loud statement.


The little details are everywhere on Brent’s truck, like this fun touch on the grille to go along with the sunshine yellow paint.

A classic truck and classic Cragar SS Wheels make for a killer combo!

The heart of the truck is a 383 stroker motor with a 700RN transmission, which really gets the power going!

Brent tells us that he drives his truck all the time, and we would too with the handling and comfort it has, which includes a Ride Tech air ride suspension and a jaguar rear end.

Brent’s truck has a bit of a surprise trailing behind it – check out the restored 1947 Teardrop Camping Trailer by KIT Manufacturing. Brent restored this fabulous teardrop and uses it regularly.

It has all the creature comforts inside…
and out.  Who’s ready to head to the beach and have dinner by the ocean?

Picture after picture shows Brent out and about with his truck – just what we like to see from a daily driver!

We had a great time catching up with Brent and his ’46 Chevy!  If you catch him at a show, be sure to stop by – his truck and trailer are worth a look!

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