BelShrCS15 DSC 2637r

A Great Race Volkswagen

While crusin’ around the Belmont Shore Car Show I ran across a 1961 VW Ragtop Beetle that had participated in this year’s Great Race. Of course it is hard to miss a bright red bug covered in the stickers from the race and lucky for us the owner and driver Bob Marak was hangin’ by his car.

Bob and his navigator Steve Fitzgerald rolled across the US from Kirkwood, MO to Santa Monica, CA which is not far from Bob’s hometown of El Segundo, CA. Bob told me that it was the most fun he had in a long time and was going to be doing it again next year. As you can see from the pics the bug is covered in stickers, but that is not the only addition to this ragtop. You will see a couple of large gauges added that are a very accurate speedometer and clock to help them complete the timed stages. One of the things you don’t have is the odometer on the original VW gauge, it is covered.

Now we can’t forget this is Bob’s daily driver that he has owned since 2010. He told me it was a basket case when he bought it, but you would not be able to tell by the way it looks like now.

Talking to Bob has confirmed again I need to add this to the bucket list of things to do with a car.


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